Entangled Earth by David Lea

When an experiment goes horribly wrong, three people must escape the devastation and reach the lab in Cambridge in time to save the world.

Physicist Mia Green is in Paris for a conference when invisible, indestructible intrusions from another world start colliding with things, resulting in destruction and gory deaths all round. Apparently this is all the fault of an experiment at her Cambridge lab, so the only hope is to get there (without being killed on the way) and turn things off.

Scientifically, the premise is a bit daft, but it’s carried through with a lot of thoroughness and ingenuity as the heroes navigate all manner of nasty invisible obstacles. The writing is slightly clunky in places, but with few editing errors and very readable. Personally, I could have done with less gore at the start, YMMV. Overall, a good apocalyptic adventure story enlivened by a clever ending.

Expect a lot of gory deaths. Also some sexual references.

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