Elger and the Moon by Ian Eller

On a far future, post-apocalyptic Earth, a disadvantaged young man is determined to reach the city on Moon.

The title suggests ‘children’s book’ and the story opens with exposition — but well-written, entertaining exposition, so I read on, and was glad I did. This is an entertaining story, well told, set in an intriguing world.

The main character, Elger, is a very clever, driven young man, handicapped by poverty and disability, who’s prepared to do whatever it takes to acheve his dream of reaching the Moon. He lives on an Earth scattered with the remnants of a fallen high-tech civilisation, shaped by immortal wizards and unseen demons.

The writing is very readable throughout with few editing errors. The style is unusual: though focused on Elger, the narration is omniscient. In this case it works well.

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