Dragon Choir by Benjamin Descovich

Dragon Choir is a fast-paced fantasy adventure set in an interesting world. A tight, action-oriented plot is complemented by layers of subterfuge and skullduggery. Along with that, there’s oodles of magic and good world-building.

The story begins with Elrin, a rather childish young man, who has to flee his home city after overhearing something he shouldn’t have. Then he falls in with rebels, and naturally ends up being critical to defeating the bad guys…

Writing is readable throughout, good in places, with decent editing. There are some errors but nothing too annoying. It would be easy to nitpick, but there is really a lot to enjoy here.

Lots of fighting, some gore. For the dragon haters (or lovers): the expected dragons appear only near the end. Also note this is the start of a series — the ending leaves some obvious loose ends.

The second book in the series, Blood Monsoon, is now available and also in KU.

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