The Small Matter of the Death Cult of Katahdin by Lennox Brown

A vampire and a witch bicker while trying to keep a magic teapot out of the hands of bad guys who want to summon an evil god.

The story begins with Winston, private investigator and vampire, breaking into a house to photograph a teapot in which his client is strangely interested. The start is a bit waffly, stick with it. Things, of course, go wrong, the teapot is stolen, recovered, and turns out to be an illegal and powerful magic artifact.

I normally avoid books featuring vampires. While this one does have a vampire, it’s humour and none of the usual vampire stereotypes appear. The setting is modern UK, but vampires and magic happen to be an accepted part of reality. How this came to be isn’t really explained, but it’s fun.

The writing is very readable, well-edited with few errors. The characters are good and their interactions are the best bits.

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