Dead Bones by L J Hayward

A good, solid fantasy of war, politics, and magic, in an original and interesting world.

Various plot threads follow different characters, but the story opens with Gabe, a Bone Mage (magic doctor), who is reluctantly putting together injured soldiers at an army camp, in the middle of a murky border conflict. The situation reminded me of MASH, only with airships instead of helicopters, and magic, and not funny. Anyhow, Gabe doesn’t want to let any soldiers die, even if he kills himself healing them. And then a legendary immortal undead warrior (who wants to die) arrives, and things get messy.

The story’s a bit slow to get started, and there’s quite a lot of information dumping interspersed with the action. But the combination of magic, technology, and religion make for an interesting setting which kept me reading until the plot got going. Good writing throughout with few editing errors.

This book is a satisfying standalone read, though the ending clearly indicates a sequel is intended.

Expect a lot of violence, blood and gore, and some sexual references.

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