The Amazing Adventures of Dashing Prince Dietrich by Igor Ljubuncic

Set in a world of swords, gunpowder, and small kingdoms tangled in webs of historical grudges and political intrigue, this is a fast-paced comic fantasy adventure with an anti-hero protagonist.

Prince Dietrich is unwillingly packed off on what should be a simple journey to collect his bride-to-be. He wants to avoid getting married, preferably without incurring his father’s wrath. Along the way, he accidently kidnaps a noblewoman, which might be a stroke of genius if he had the competence to take advantage of it. Instead, a couple of wars break out.

While the main character Prince Dietrich is amoral and an all round unpleasant human being, his humour, unpredictability, and rare moments of decency make him oddly likeable.

The writing is good, with few editing errors. Well-developed characters, humour, and an unpredictable plot make for a great fun read.

Expect violence and sexual references.

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