Darklands by Emma Woodcock

Messing round in a stone circle leads to a girl being kidnapped by the evil king of a magical world in this highly enjoyable fantasy adventure.

The disappearance of a teenage girl in the prologue is a bit of a clue that dabbling in magic and hanging round the stone circle at night may be bad life choices. The teenager who went missing is Sophie’s long-lost aunt, but she doesn’t take the hint, and sure enough, she gets dragged off to another world where magic rules. The evil 1000-year old king wants to marry her, won’t let her go home, and is planning world domination. Since he’s inclined to kill people who disagree with him, things look grim.

The writing is very readable throughout and very well edited. It feels a bit rushed in places but a compelling plot and strong characters make up for any weak spots. I stayed up way too late reading the start. A tremendously fun read.

This is young adult, but romance is kept to a minimum.

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