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My own writing

Terri and the Fungal Army

This is my third novel, and as you might guess, it’s comic fantasy.

I started writing this book as a sort of Terry Pratchett tribute, as he’s one of my favourite authors. Not read more

The Tower of Random Doom!

While procrastinating on my current writing project, I’ve been working on a little Twine game. It’s small (and quite silly) but is designed to be played multiple times. Though you can ‘win’ read more

Gods Themselves

I’ve published my second novel! It’s humorous fantasy, light adventure/romance, about the dangers of relying on celebrity status to get yourself out of trouble.

This book started read more

Meanwhile, at the Dernstrum Institute

My first novel! Not fantasy or science fiction, I’m afraid. It’s a mystery, set in the 1920s. Sort of like Cold Comfort Farm with mad scientists.

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