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Books no longer on Kindle Unlimited

The Small Matter of the Death Cult of Katahdin by Lennox Brown

A vampire and a witch bicker while trying to keep a magic teapot out of the hands of bad guys who want to summon an evil god.

The story begins with Winston, private investigator and vampire

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Dane Curse by Matt Abraham

In a world with super-heroes and super-villains, Dane Curse is a small-time private detective who has left his villainous past behind. When the city’s top villain asks him

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Salted by Aaron Galvin

Selkies and mermaids abound in this contemporary fantasy targeted at the Young Adult market.

The story begins with Lenny, a teenage slave under the sea, being tasked with capturing a notorious

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Dragon Choir by Benjamin Descovich

Dragon Choir is a fast-paced fantasy adventure set in an interesting world. A tight, action-oriented plot is complemented by layers of subterfuge and skullduggery. Along with that

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