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Books no longer on Kindle Unlimited

The Red Wraith by Nick Wisseman

Set on an alternate Earth during the colonization of North America, a young American Indian uses his magic powers to revenge himself on the settlers who have stolen his people’s

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Trespass by Mikey Campling

A magic stone links the lives of people across three different time periods.

Teenager Jake breaks into a fenced-off old quarry, meets a mysterious girl, and gets into trouble. His story

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Off Leash by Daniel Potter

A young man discovers the hidden magical world when he turns into a cougar in this very enjoyable fantasy adventure.

Thomas witnesses his elderly neighbour being run over by a car, and

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The Watch by Amanda Witt

Young Adult dystopia science fiction at its best: a fast-paced, highly readable adventure with a touch of class.

Teenager Red has red hair and rebels against the authorities of the isolated

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