Call a Spade by DM Griffin

Kids undergo experimental treatment which delivers unexpected results.

This book opens with a slightly off-putting wall of text, which is mostly description of the protagonist, Jasper. Jasper is a loser in life’s genetic lottery. At eight years old, he’s smart, but his genetic condition has deformed his face and hands and will presumably limit his life. Though the opening is rather long-winded and rambly, it’s worth persevering because we soon find out Jasper, along with a lot of other kids with a variety of genetic problems, is enrolled in a medical trial (the ethics seem a little dubious, but hey). The experimental procedure might cure him… or as it turns out, it might do nothing for his medical condition while turning him into a telekinetic genius.

A crowd of pre-teens suddenly acquiring unprecedented mental powers and super-normal IQs… obviously, the evil government get involved, and the kids have to work together to master their new abilities and save the day.

The result is a fast-paced, rather good super-powered action plot with engaging characters.

Generally well written and well edited, very readable throughout.

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