Fallen Sun by Harule Stokes

Thoughtful military science fiction following a super-soldier and her comrades engaged in a dystopian war of attrition.

The setting is a future pseudo-America (I guess) with north at war read more

Huntress Found by AA Chamberlynn

A feisty young woman with magic powers finds out she really comes from an alternate world, and they want her back because only she can find the all-powerful MacGuffin.

So this isn’t read more

The Deer King by Ben Spencer

Following the death of her father and brother, a girl runs away with a magic stone.

This is an atmospheric and very well written fantasy novella, the only downside being it’s rather read more

A Drop of Blue by Isa Briarwood

A girl from 1972 is snatched into the future, where she and other historical flotsam and jetsam are imprisoned by evil government types.

Basically, there’s a portal randomly scooping read more