They Mostly Come Out at Night by Benedict Patrick

A young man tries to save his people from the monsters (which come out at night), in this multi-layered, dark-ish fantasy.

Young Lonan is shunned by his village, who believe him responsible

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Afterlife by Helen Comerford

Young adult science fiction: teenagers fight to survive and escape from dark visions of heaven and hell.

A well written story and engaging from the start. It’s one of those young

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The Eighth Day by Joseph John

A cloned assassin goes on the run from his handlers in this near-future science fiction thriller.

A man he’s never met tells Shawn his whole life is a fake, and is then promptly shot

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The World Walker by Ian W Sainsbury

An alien saves a young man’s life and gives him awesome reality-bending magic powers.

Terminally-ill musician Seb tries to kill himself, but is instead saved by an alien, who at the

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