The Hidden Truth by Hans G Schantz

A young man stumbles on information in an old science book which has apparently been suppressed by a long-running conspiracy, in this alternate history thriller.

In an America where recent

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The Dragon Scale Lute by JC Kang

A handsome foreign Prince tempts Princess Kaiya into dabbling with the lost art of magical music, but is he leading her astray?

The setting is a fantasy-pseudo-ancient-China (called Cathay)

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Your Truth is Out There by David Allen Kimmel

A despairing artist’s life changes when he encounters an alien in this quirky space adventure.

Painter Henry is on the brink of suicide when alien Gsefx’s spaceship lands by

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Meanwhile… is 99p 10-17 August

UK readers can buy my first novel, Meanwhile at the Dernstrum Institute, for just 99p until 17th August.

It’s a fast-paced, funny mystery set in 1923, at a scientific institute for

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