Darkshine by RD Vallier

Good fairy, bad fairy: but which is which?

Friendless and estranged from her family, Miriam has always felt an outsider, different from everyone else. The only person she has is her husband

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Beta-readers Wanted

My current novel is lurching towards completion, and I could do with some folks to read it and give objective feedback. I’ll be happy to return the favour by reading your manuscript, as long as

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Meanwhile… is 99c 10-17 July

My novel Meanwhile, at the Dernstrum Institute is available for $0.99 from 10th to 17th July.

It’s a sort of comic mystery story with gothic leanings, set in 1920’s England

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Crimes Against Magic by Steve McHugh

A sorcerous thief rediscovers his past, along with some long-lost enemies.

Nate woke up ten years ago with no memory of his past. Since then, he’s made his living as a thief. Being

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