Black Hare by Toni LH Boughton

A troubled young woman discovers a hidden world of myth and magic in a small American town.

The protagonist, Rook, drifts from place to place, smoking and getting drunk while being haunted by a spectral hare which seems to have enlisted her for spiritual clean-up duty. Her life changes when she arrives in the town of Red River, where many of the residents aren’t what they seem. With the help of a cranky old woman she begins to get her life together, but she’s also got to stop a string of supernatural arson attacks.

Although there are some editing errors, this is a well-written story which combines mythological references with small town America in a way that’s reminiscent of American Gods. The mystery plot (or subplot) is rather weak and the ending’s rushed, but overall, this is an enjoyable story in an intriguing world, especially if you like playing spot-the-mythological-reference.

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