Cast Under an Alien Sun by Olan Thorensen

A modern chemistry PhD student is dumped in a less-technically-developed human society on another planet, and gets busy re-inventing.

From my brief glance at the book description before I started reading, I was expecting a story of a lone human surviving on an alien planet. In fact the alien plant is occupied by a thriving human population and he doesn’t have a terribly difficult time surviving and fitting in. The aliens who transplanted him (for inscrutable alien reasons) have thoughtfully gifted him with eidetic memory, and the locals are all too happy to be taught about germ theory and such, so before long he has a growing business empire.

Conflict is provided by nasty pseudo-Roman invaders who are about to attack the relatively peaceful and progressive island where the protagonist has been making friends.

Mysteriously, on this world more women are born than men, so much so that bigamy is permitted. But not so much that women have any political power. Ho hum.

Overall, decently written and well edited with few errors, an enjoyable read.

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