Aetheria’s Daemon by Will Weisser

Adventure set in a world very different from our own.

While there’s plenty of action at the start and throughout, I found this book a bit slow to get going. Neither the characters or the plot were grabbing my attention. I kept reading because the world was really unusual but also well thought out.

On Aetheria, matter obeys human whim. There are no possessions, since anything can be made when needed and falls apart when its creator stops paying attention to it. Food and shelter can be made from thin air, so no need to work. In addition, humans are practically immortal, unaging, and able to quickly heal from all but fatal injuries.

It should be a paradise. But while many people are happy to devote themselves to art or pleasure, there’s always some who get their kicks from violence or less pleasant activities.

Given all this, I was anticipating the world turning out to be some kind of virtual reality or an afterlife. Thankfully the mystery is left mostly unexplained.

Overall, an enjoyable immersive fantasy trip through an intriguing world. Decently written and well edited throughout.

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