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If you read a lot, an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription can be great. For a small monthly fee, you can read as much as you like from the thousands of books in the Kindle Unlimited catalog. The only problem is tracking down the books you're likely to enjoy.

My goal is to find all the best science fiction and fantasy books on Kindle Unlimited (UK) and list them here, with my review, so you can go straight to the good stuff. If I recommend a book, you can be sure I've read it, liked it, and reviewed it. Of course, not everyone likes the same things, so I try and put enough information in my review for you to make up your own mind.

To be listed here, books must be science fiction or fantasy genre. That includes fairy tales, superheroes, time travel, and paranormal (but not vampires, because vampires are usually really dumb). I also don't read Christian fantasy, erotica, or out-and-out horror, though I have no objection to sex or gore if they are appropriate to the context.

Young adult fiction is included, but not children's books.

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